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  1. Troy says:

    First of all, greetings and God bless you all always in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Three questions,
    1-Would you please direct me to your Bible study on Infant Baptism not being Biblical.
    2-Would you please direct me to your Bible study on Sunday now being the official day of of worship in the New Testament, not Saturday, and
    3-Would you please direct me to your Bible study on Tongues not for use in todays time. And again I thank you so very much in the name of the Lord, your brother in Christ, Troy.

    • Jim Klubnik says:

      Good to hear from you, Troy. Use the Search on the top right of our website: to look for the articles on “Spiritual Gifts” and the “Sabbath.” We do not have an article on infant baptism at this time. Infant baptist is not taught in the Bible. Baptism is for those who have personally trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation. An infant cannot do this. If you search for “baptism,” you will find several articles that may be helpful. God bless!

  2. Margret woodard says:

    please give me all the information you have on tithing and all scripters on that subject. Thank you

  3. Marge Lafferty says:

    There are many promises in the Old Testament addressed to Israel, Zion, etc., and many of them we claim today for ourselves.
    How do we know the difference between what is meant specifically for Israel and what we can apply to ourselves?

    Thanks for your help. I really enjoy your Thursday night questions and answers on KHCB.

    • Jim Klubnik says:

      The context always determines this. You must note to whom the promise is written. What are the specifics of the promise? Are there conditions to the promise? Is it a prophetic promise for the future, e.g. the millennium? We cannot automatically take promises for Israel and claim them for today. But we can make application. With the exception of the covenants to Israel, some promises can be applied to us. For example, if we obey God, we will be blessed. I would focus more on the specific promises in the New Testament that are for believers today.

      God bless and thanks for listening to “Questions and Answers.”

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