Ladies’ Bible Studies

Several women’s Bible studies may be downloaded for personal study or to use in home Bible studies or Sunday school classes.  It is our prayer that they would be used to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.  Although there is no charge for the Bible studies, donations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Beth Klabunde says:

    Peggi, The Women’s Bible Study in our church, Stonebriar, will be studying Esther next fall, and I have recommended your wonderful study to one of the women who will be writing some of the material. I love this study, and have copied off Ruth so I can use it for my personal Bible study. What is the name of your book? I know Jim has probably mentioned it in his notes, but I’ve forgotten.

    • Thanks, Beth. It is great to hear from you. So thankful you are enjoying my Bible studies. I am still working on the book, A Delicate Strength: The Biblical Role of Women. Hope to be finished this fall. Blessings to you, dear friend.

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