Holiness–A Rare Commodity

Every day we are faced with decisions.  Some are seemingly insignificant.  Others are life changing.  What motivates the choices we make?  Finances? Reputation? Emotions? Influence of others?

Isn’t it often a challenge to live a life characterized by truth and integrity.  Do we sometimes compromise, even a little, when making decisions?  Maybe we think a little compromise is not  important.  It won’t really matter that much. Yet we must remember that what we do has an impact on others–especially those who are close to us.  But more importantly, what we do affects God.  He is honored when we live a life of integrity; He is grieved when we sin.

But like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; 16 because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy (1 Pet. 1:15-16).

Why is it sometimes difficult to make the right decision–one that would honor God?


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2 Responses to Holiness–A Rare Commodity

  1. Timothy W. Milligan says:

    Thank you for your ministry on radio and online.

    I agree with you on giving vs tithing in obedience to the Lord. Also, I like the way you acknowledge Godly women. I think Peggy is awsome! I grew up in an independent fundamental Baptist church that taught the tithe as part of the new testament church. I give my time, and money to a local church and other Christ honoring ministries as the Spirit leads me.

    One more thing. I was saved at age 15. I have been alcoholic since age 14 at least. My faith in God has not cured me of this condition. God has used AA to help me remain sober for 22 years now. I carry the message of hope to those still suffering. and the Gospel to those who will listen. Alcoholism is a mental illness. Just as real as an irregular heartbeat. Yes it causes one to sin, but is not a sin in itself. I am familiar with all the scriptures on drunkeness. I try to educate the clergy whenever possible. By faith plus action, one can be relieved of the symptoms of the illness.

    Your brother in Christ

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