Can I lose my salvation?

Do you feel lost even though you once were saved? Do you feel abandoned by God because of something you have done? Do you feel like God cancelled your salvation? Do you need a spiritual GPS to help you find your way once again?

We were on vacation driving along a mountain road in Colorado in a rented car–with no GPS. We were totally, completely lost. Finding our way back seemed hopeless.  Then we saw a car stopped at a row of mailboxes. So we pulled up next to the car and asked the driver for directions.

We not only found our way, but we met someone who knew who we were, even though we had never met. This man had actually stayed with a friend in our Moscow apartment earlier that summer.  We were amazed at God’s provision of such an incredible human GPS for us that day.

The Word of God is our spiritual GPS.  God promises eternal life to those who believe in Jesus Christ (John 3:16).  God keeps His word.  There is nothing you could do to obtain salvation.  There is nothing you can do to lose it (Rom. 8:1).  Jesus’ last words on the cross were, “It is finished.”  This one-word phrase in the Greek is an accounting term, meaning “paid in full.”  Read more about this in our article on Eternal Security.

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3 Responses to Can I lose my salvation?

  1. Michelle says:

    Q: I recently heard of a well-known writer, producer, movie-maker who passed away. It was intimated that she was so kind and giving and caring and loving, but yet did not believe in Christ or eternal life. A comment was made that she was, in other words, not a believer; the exact comment was: She did not believe in heaven or hell so she’s just — and one of the other speakers cut her off as if to say “don’t speak of her beliefs”. My question, and I do know the answer but want confirmation, the Bible says if you do not believe in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that you are not saved and you are bound for hell. There is no salvation after death. I know plenty of people who believe good works will get them in, a few are of the Jewish faith, and they are very kind and giving, loving people and they think they are okay and I couldn’t if I tried convince them otherwise. What happens to these people?
    I forgot to check the boxes below, so I re-submitted. Sorry.

  2. Ed Stewart says:

    Jim I’m with you every Thursday night and last night 9-05-13 the last lady that ask the question does the rapture happen after 3 & half years or at the end of the seven years and you answered her the rapture was pre-trib and you said the church would be in the rapture but then you said we would not be in the rapture and then you repeated it again. please check the tape from last night. I know it was a slip and it would be good next Thursday to correct that. We love you Jim and Peggy- God bless

    • Jim Klubnik says:

      Thanks, Ed. I appreciate your letting us know about this. We’ll correct it next week. I meant to say that the church does not go through the tribulation. Of course, the church (those who are “in Christ”) are the ones that make up the rapture. Thanks for listening. Our love to you and your family.

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